The Ugly Truth

A single news producer clashes with a boorish colleague -- about everything. Is this handsome cad redeemable?





96 minutes


Robert Luketic


Adam John Harrington Alexis Krause Allen Maldonado Arielle Vandenberg Blake Robbins Bonnie Somerville Bree Turner Cheryl Hines Craig Ferguson Dan Callahan David Lowe Donnie Smith Earl Carroll Eric Winter Gerard Butler J. Claude Deering Jamison Yang Jeff Newburg Jesse D. Goins John Michael Higgins John Sloman Kate Mulligan Katherine Heigl Kevin Connolly Lenny Schmidt Mimi Michaels Nate Corddry Nick Searcy Noah Matthews Rocco DiSpirito Stephanie Mace Steve Little Tess Parker Tom Virtue Valente Rodriguez Vicki Lewis Yolanda Pecoraro Yvette Nicole Brown


Irreverent Romantic Movie Comedy Opposites-Attract Cynical

Audio Languages

German English Spanish French Italian

Subtitles Languages

English Spanish Italian Simplified Chinese Traditional Chinese
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