The Tourist

Picture from The Tourist
104 minutes

A mystery woman has second thoughts after luring a stranger into a trap. Now they're running out of places to hide.





104 minutes


Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck


Alec Utgoff Alessio Boni Angelina Jolie Bruno Bilotta Bruno Wolkowitch Christian De Sica Clément Sibony Daniele Pecci François Vincentelli Giovanni Esposito Giovanni Guidelli Gwilym Lee Iddo Goldberg Igor Jijikine Jean-Claude Adelin Jean-Marie Lamour Johnny Depp Julien Baumgartner Marc Ruchmann Mark Zak Maurizio Casagrande Mhamed Arezki Nino Frassica Paul Bettany Ralf Moeller Raoul Bova Renato Scarpa Rufus Sewell Steven Berkoff Steven Robertson Timothy Dalton


Exciting Romantic Suspenseful Movie Action & Adventure Mystery Crime Spies Mistaken Identity Twists & Turns Action Thriller On The Run

Audio Languages

English Japanese

Subtitles Languages

English Japanese
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