His fantasy game holds all the cards. Once a timid boy, now he and his best buds fight evil. And it's a constant battle.



Tv Series


1, 3


Kazuki Takahashi


Amy Birnbaum Dan Green Darren Dunstan Eric Stuart Gregory Abbey Haruhi Terada Hidehiro Kikuchi Hiroki Takahashi Jimmy Zoppi Junko Takeuchi Kenjiro Tsuda Lisa Ortiz Madeleine Blaustein Maki Saito Megan Hollingshead Sam Riegel Shunsuke Kazama Tadashi Miyazawa Takasugi Jay Jiro Takayuki Kondo Tara Sands Ted Lewis Wayne Grayson


Friendship Action Exciting Anime TV Japanese Underdog Kids Magical Imaginative Fearless Leader Good vs. Evil Shounen Manga

Audio Languages

German English Spanish French Portuguese

Subtitles Languages

English Spanish Brazilian Portuguese
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