GODZILLA The Planet Eater

Picture from GODZILLA The Planet Eater
    91 minutes

He wants to defeat Godzilla, but calling upon the ultimate destroyer could end not only humanity, but the planet itself.





91 minutes


Hiroyuki Seshita Kobun Shizuno


Ari Ozawa Daisuke Ono Junichi Suwabe Kana Hanazawa Kazuhiro Yamaji Kazuya Nakai Kenta Miyake Kenyu Horiuchi Mamoru Miyano Reina Ueda Takahiro Sakurai Tomokazu Sugita Yuki Kaji


Action & Adventure Sci-Fi & Fantasy Adult Animation Action Anime Anime Feature Japanese Post Apocalypse

Audio Languages

English Spanish French Japanese [original] Mandarin

Subtitles Languages

English Spanish Japanese Simplified Chinese Traditional Chinese
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