Dragon Quest Your Story

Picture from Dragon Quest Your Story
    102 minutes

When a villain emerges to release pure evil that was sealed away, a young boy holds the key to the fate of the world.





102 minutes


Makoto Hanafusa Ryuichi Yagi Takashi Yamazaki


Arata Furuta Arata Iura Chikako Kaku Haru Kasumi Arimura Ken Yasuda Kendo Kobayashi Kentaro Sakaguchi Koichi Yamadera Kotaro Yoshida Suzuki Matsuo Takayuki Yamada Takeru Sato


Exciting Movie Action & Adventure Children & Family Action Anime Anime Feature Japanese Based on a Video Game Brave Character Imaginative Fearless Leader Twists & Turns Good vs. Evil Super Powers

Audio Languages

German English Spanish French Japanese - Audio Description

Subtitles Languages

English Spanish Japanese Simplified Chinese Traditional Chinese
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